$30 AND A DREAM...

The Story of Westport Studios

For decades, folks had always told our founder, Robb Conlon that he had a "radio voice". 

He'd put it to use numerous times over the years in both professional and semi professional ways but life, bills, and other things always got in the way of taking it further than a hobby.

Coming off a massively successful 5 year stint at an Inc5000 company, Robb found himself with big opportunities and a truckload of free time after his 2020 contract position at a Major HVAC company was axed because of COVID-19.

Seeing the pandemic devastate America's employment markets and knowing the frustration of the job hunt; Robb resolved to "Lead the Charge to get America back to Work" with his podcast, "Recruiting Hell". 

The success of the show and the relationships built with guests who needed professional audio work done formed the earliest foundations of Westport Studios.

Starting a business account at his local bank with the $21.00 in his pocket not tied up in the family budget, borrowing $9.00 from the missus to make minimum  balance requirements, and expending all his remaining disposable income to found an LLC, Robb went all in on making Westport's Flagship show everything it could be.

Months of hard work later, major news outlets like the Detroit Free Press have done articles on "Recruting Hell" and the rest of the work Westport Studios does.

Westport Studios truly believes in Audio for Everyone™, and whether your business is 10 people in a small local market or 1000 people across the nation, every client receives the same, fierce care as if they were our only customer.

There's much more of the story to be written, and we'd invite you to be a part of it.

~The Team at Westport Studios