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Equipment Exposê -UBeeSize Tripod S

Possibly one of the greatest little pieces of equipment that I've ever purchased.

At just $17 shipped from Amazon this little tripod has revolutionized the way that I take video for my podcasts and social media surrounding them.

With durable Construction and incredibly flexible legs that allow you to wrap the part of the tripod around things like poles or other non flat surfaces, this little tripod is more than meets the eye when it comes to getting just the right angle for your shot.

Besides bringing a fantastic aspect of professional stabilization to your camera shots, it fits phones up to four and a half inches.

Considering that cases these days tend to be a little bit large, that's a huge blessing; it easily accommodates my up-armored Samsung Galaxy S7 with an Otter Box case.

Of course it's also fully posable and adjustable.

This little tripod helped revolutionize the way that I do Instagram and other social media posts simply by not having to hold the phone.

It also works as a selfie stick in a pinch, just bend the legs into an "L" shape and grab on.

If there was anything that I had to pick a part about this particular product as a weakness I do wish it was made of metal and rubber rather than plastic and foam.

I don't want to say it seems flimsy because it's it's clearly not, but I would just love to see this made out of much more metal, though I doubt the pricepoint could be kept the same if it were.

If you're looking for a great, inexpensive way to improve your social media game, look no further than this little tripod.

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