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How to Capture the Voice of Your B2B Podcast’s Brand

In the busy podcasting space, some podcast brands just naturally stand out. 

You notice it instantly — the host's level of engagement, the riveting topics, and the flawless audio quality. 

It's like a perfectly built cabinet that seamlessly fits every piece, presenting a polished and compelling narrative. 

However, achieving this level of cohesion and allure can take time and effort. Most podcasts evolve over time, embracing the journey from inception to excellence. As we often say, "You don't have to be great to start, but you must start to be great."

The First Step of Your Podcast Brand Journey

The quest for excellence in podcasting leads many to ponder, "How can I elevate my podcast?" 

While not always straightforward, the path to improvement is grounded in dedication and practice. 

However, a strategic approach exists to significantly enhance your podcast's brand and content quality, adopting the principle of "Take the best, leave the rest."

This wisdom comes from a seasoned colleague from my early days in sales, who thrived during the high-energy sales era of the 1980s. She introduced me to a faster way of skill acquisition — not by reinventing the wheel, but by learning from those who've already mastered the craft. 

This concept is just as transformative in podcasting. The market is flooded with a plethora of audio content, from podcasts to audiobooks and advertisements, each trying to carve out a unique voice. 

Ultimately, the key to accelerating your podcast's success lies in identifying elements from successful shows that resonate with your envisioned podcast brand.

It’s Okay for Your Podcast Brand to Echo Proven Formulas  

At our agency, we guide clients through an introspective process, encouraging them to articulate the desired sound and feel of their podcast. This technique includes identifying shows that embody aspects of their ideal audio experience. 

For instance, a financial planning podcast might draw inspiration from the structural and auditory elements of renowned shows in their niche without falling into the trap of imitation. 

The goal in defining your podcast brand is to creatively adapt admired aspects to forge a distinctive yet familiar auditory experience.

Even here at Westport Studios, we’ve advised clients to lean on this approach. 

Drawing inspiration from various YouTube channels and podcasts within a similar domain, we'll often cherry-pick elements that align with a new show's vision. 

This selective integration of format, mixing techniques, and research from other productions serves as a foundation of your podcast's identity, not the entirety.

Refine Your Podcast to Align With Your Brand’s Messaging     

Creating a standout podcast brand lies in discovering and nurturing your unique brand proposition — basically, what sets your show apart in the crowded audio space.

Incorporating influences from other shows is not a mere addition of features. It's a careful adaptation to suit your podcast's unique brand. 

Similar to my sales example, where adopting a script is only the beginning, the true art lies in personalizing the delivery to resonate authentically with your audience.

This process doesn’t happen overnight. It will take time to settle into your hosting role and capture the consistent quality and pacing that your brand deserves.

The pursuit of improvement is a nonstop journey, but the payoff is worth the trip.

Public Perception of Your Podcast Brand Will Echo What You Put Into It 

Returning to the importance of practice, polishing your podcast brand is about refining borrowed elements until they become an integral part of your show's identity. 

At Westport Studios, we are dedicated to assisting B2B podcast creators in shaping their audio concepts into a distinctive brand.

That’s because your podcast deserves a voice that resonates deeply with your intended audience.

If you need help developing a roadmap that respects your vision for your podcast brand, we can help.

Reach out today, and let’s lay the groundwork for your new podcast brand together.


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