• Robb Conlon

Listening is the New Reading...

If there's one thing on the face of this earth that we don't get more of, it's time.

No one can control when they get here, or when they leave, it's a finite number that is unknown to our mortal minds.

We're always talking about the time it takes for one thing or another.

Or how we don't have enough time to do whatever task.

With audio and with the widespread use of smart devices, we have a tremendous opportunity to bend the rules when it comes to not getting more time.

If you're an avid reader, think about the benefit gained by the introduction of an audiobook to your weekly lawn care.

Not only are you doing a household chore, but you're also enjoying a story you wanted to read, but couldn't spend the time to sit down and do.

By bringing literature, sales materials, and other normally print or visual media into the audio space, we are able to double up on things we need to do, and things we want to do.

The same thing goes for your product and business as well as the product and business of everyone from your vendors to your competitors.