• Robb Conlon

Starting A Podcast... Day 2

Last time on "Starting a Podcast" we talked about finding your show Niche, the little space you occupy and can be the master of.,

We also talked about defining your show format, and what your Episode Zero should look and sound like.

We now move on to Day 2.

You have this wonderful idea for a podcast, and you're passionate about it. Excellent.

Passion helps make good shows, but the other thing that helps make good shows is knowing who your audience is.

I'm not talking defining them as strictly as a major business would, believe me, I've seen some pretty crazy "Big Data" breakdowns of what has been collected on customers.

In my past roles, we actually bought some of this data on our clients.

We were able to tell, with disturbingly accurate certainty, that Customer number 24601 is between the ages of 25 and 34, likely owns a home, is into pickup trucks, enjoys certain types of video games, watches 3-5 hours of Youtube a week, hunts, is married, likely has young children, and may just be the perfect customer for your brand.

All this wa