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"You have the right to your audio space..."

New York City - April, 2018

I found myself in NYC for the first time ever.

A Midwestern guy, I had never been to the New England states.

My job had me attempting to breathe life into a project at my company that involved a radio show.

I honestly was in way over my head, the project wasn't going as I had hoped and my luck wasn't really improving.

The brilliant idea came to me to seek out a conference I could go to and "soak up" some of the ideas from some of the leaders in the voice space. People like Radio Ad Execs and thought leaders from the Radio World.

So I found a conference that I thought matched what I should be looking at - VoiceCon, presented by Vayner Media.

At the time I was a huge fan of Gary Vaynerchuk (I still kind of am!), and the combination of a conference that could help me, and an entrepreneurial idol of mine was a perfect storm.

When I showed up to the conference though, despite researching it, I was stunned to find that it had little to do with radio...

My "oops" is your benefit here though...

For the most part the conference wasn't about radio...

Instead, it was about audio and podcasting, which if you think about it, is a very close cousin to radio.

The thing that stuck with me the most from the entire conference though was a statement from one of the panelists regarding their audio on demand app on Amazon's Alexa.

The panelist was a gentleman from Diageo, the massive alcohol distributor for most major brands in the US. He went on to talk about his company and how they had entered the on demand market with a "Bartender" app for Alexa, where you could ask the AI how to make a wide variety of drinks. Handy for parties or if you're feeling experimental for your night cap!

When pressed about why their company did this, the panelist stated that Diageo had the RIGHT to be in that space and to be heard by their customer and be available for their customer's needs.

YOU and your company have this exact same right and need to be in your customers homes and in their pockets on smart devices where they an access what you have to offer any time of day, on demand.

This right is something you can build into a powerful tool for your business; whether it's lead generation, branding and awareness, or simply giving your customer and audience something extra.

Making an releasing great content is a staple of this right, and if you're as excited about entering this space as I was when I founded Westport Studios, I encourage you to start doing the research to see how audio on demand can help your business.

I'll even offer to help. I've got those FREE 30 minute strategy calls for a reason.

The opportunity from audio is massive, and much like planting a tree, the best time to start was 20 years ago, the second best time is today.

Your audio journey for your company or brand is your RIGHT! Come claim it, and stay tuned for more from us here at Westport Studios to help you along the way.

Little Device -- Powerful Reach

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