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Elevate Your Business Voice With 

Full-Service B2B Podcast Production

Editing & Production

The Cutter

We'll take your raw audio and make key editorial cuts to assemble and tighten up your show. Accompanied by a complete show concept and cover art.

Social Media Support

The Schooner

Everything in The Cutter, and: More advanced editing in addition to essential creative for your Podcast's social media platforms. Plus, crafted episode descriptions to attract your ideal listener.

SEO-Rich Messaging

The Barque

Everything in The Schooner and: Our highest level of editing, plus supporting copy for a corresponding blog post, LinkedIn status, and an SEO-infused and human-reviewed show transcript.

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Welcome to


Founded in 2020, Westport Studios was created to help businesses both large and small open up the world of podcasting. Specializing in B2B podcasts, Westport Studios is your beacon to creating a show that's not only entertaining, but also profitable for your company.  Using Account Based Marketing (ABM) techniques and Content Based Networking (CBN) we help your brand not only become a thought leader in your field, but also create great content with your ideal prospective customers.

"I appreciate Robb's value and expertise as he is committed to ensuring the knowledge shared through a podcast is communicated in a way that captures and transforms the hearts and minds of an audience to drive measurable bottom-line growth. Want to your podcast to maximize your future growth potential? Work with Robb."

— James Robert Lay —
Founder and CEO, Digital Growth Institute

Host of "Banking On Digital Growth"

 Meet Your Coach 


 Meet Your Coach 


Robb's expertise goes far beyond his Broadcast Communication and Digital Media degrees and his experience in radio...


His genuine optimism, perseverance, and unmistakable voice were the integral tools he used to bootstrap his business (with the last $26 he had to his name.) 

He will bet on your success and fight for your business the same way he has for his own. He's not just your coach, he's your partner in the future success of your podcast.

Connect With Robb
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"Robb was an incredible producer for me and my show. During every meeting, he provided valuable insight and feedback that allowed me to grow as a host and improve my show. He was hyper-communicative with me while managing the production of several episodes at once, and was not shy when things needed my immediate attention. In addition to his professionalism, skill, and talent, Robb is also a delightful person. I can recall several times where one of Robb's emails or quick update videos brought a smile to my face on a particularly gloomy or stressful day. Robb wasn't just an exceptional business partner, but he also became a trusted advisor and friend. I have no doubt that he'll achieve incredible things in the podcasting world and can't wait to see where he ends up next!"


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