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The future is Audio...

We live in the future and it's awesome.

We live in a time where every person has the sum of all humanity's knowledge in their pocket on a smart phone.

What concept!

That concept is also one of the biggest opportunities your business has to connect with its customer.

Very quietly, since 2004 or so, there has been a secret industry growing in the shadows online.

It's called Audio On Demand, but you might know it by other names, like podcasts and audiobooks.

Audio on Demand gives the listener the choice to tune into what they want to hear when they want to hear it. They're no longer held up by "what's on now" like with radio or TV, because they get to choose!

This is great for entertainment, but it can also be harnessed for your business.

Thousands of companies are setting up ways to get their products and their brand into people's pockets, and if you aren't actively looking to join this method of promoting your business, your competition will!

In the same way that a great movie trailer can build hype and excitement for a summer blockbuster, you can use audio on demand to educate and excite your customer, turning a prospect into a client by letting them consume content they want to consume.

This blog is all about building that desirable product about YOUR BUSINESS that your soon to be customer will love listening to.



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