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What’s in a Title? Here are Some Tips for Naming Your B2B Podcast

You’ve finally decided to take the leap and launch your B2B podcast. Congratulations! You can now count yourself among those who are riding what everyone is referring to as the “podcasting wave.” 

There are many things to consider as you embark on this journey. We would argue that coming up with a name for your podcast is the first crucial step. Take it from us - try not to overcomplicate the process. 

We’ve seen this happen so many times. B2B teams get stuck in this endless cycle of “decision by committee,” “analysis paralysis,” or “opinionitis.” Don’t let the overthinking stop you from getting started with podcasting.

Here’s a guide that will walk you through the steps you can take to name your B2B podcast.

Do Your Homework

Conduct some research on your ideal listeners. Who would benefit from listening to this show? Who are they? What challenges, pain points, and aspirations do they have? What would resonate with them? 

Some might think that doing all of this to come up with a name is a waste of time, but we would caution against thinking this way. Understanding your audience and what type of content will resonate with them is a crucial component in developing a name that sticks.

Create the Right Message 

Once you’ve defined who your ideal listeners are, think about your show’s “reason for being.” Why should your show exist? What purpose would it serve? Having the answers to these questions will allow you to develop a compelling message that you will communicate to your audience through the show. Create that right message, and you’ll see them coming back for more.

Look Ahead

Thinking about your future content when you’re still ideating the name of your podcast might sound like a tall order, but trust us when we say that this is an important exercise. We’ve found it useful to come up with some options for the name along with the show’s reason for being. 

Based on this and your understanding of the ideal listener, you can then map out topics that will address the questions and problems that they have. This will help you identify subject matter experts you can interview, and before you know it, you’ve filled up your show’s calendar for the next couple of weeks or even months.

Make Sure Your B2B Podcast Name is Easy to Remember

There’s a time for puns and to be clever with names. We would advise against doing that with your podcast name. The trouble with trying to be clever is that it can lead to confusion, especially when you start playing around with the way things are spelled or pronounced. The true art lies in developing a podcast name that sounds nice, rolls off the tongue, and is easy to remember. In the famous words of Donald Miller, “People are drawn to clarity. They are repelled by confusion.” The same principle applies to names.

Test It Out

Once you’ve narrowed down your naming options, it always helps to test them out before you finally decide on one. Say the name out loud. Does it sound good? Is it hard to pronounce or remember? Conduct a survey on LinkedIn and share it with people in your professional network as well as your ideal listeners. The feedback you receive from these tests will help to further refine or eliminate the options that don’t resonate with your audience.

Some Bonus Tips

We’ve now covered the critical steps to coming up with your podcast’s name, and there are a few other factors you need to keep in mind. Make sure that your show’s name is:

  1. Simple and catchy (Don’t overcomplicate it!)

  2. Relevant to the ideal listener (Folks need to understand right away what the show is about by looking at your name)

  3. It’s easy to spell, sounds nice, and isn’t difficult to find

Finally, you also need to ensure that your podcast name isn’t taken. You can do this by checking online directories, platforms, and even search engines. It always pays to have a few “backup names” if your preferred name is already taken. If the name is taken, we know from experience that if the show hasn’t put out any content for about 2 years, we generally deem that safe to use.  We’re not lawyers, so if anything you come up with might get you in trouble, pick a different name. .

Your Podcast Name Should Reflect the Authentic You

Coming up with a name for your show is only the beginning of your B2B podcasting journey, but it is a crucial first step. As highlighted by our recommendations in this article, there are many steps to take and factors to consider as you brainstorm an appropriate name for your show.

Remember to think about your ideal listeners, do some research and testing, and ensure that your name isn’t difficult to spell, sounds nice, and can be remembered easily.

If you have any questions or are looking for a partner to help you set sail on your B2B podcasting voyage, drop us a line!


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