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3 Tips for How to Write an Engaging Podcast Script

There’s nothing quite like a good podcast script to help you stand out in your rightful podcast space.

Podcast scripts require a blend of creativity and persuasion that captures your brand’s voice and engages your listeners from the word “go.” 

Writing great podcast copy probably won’t be something you’ll master overnight. It’s a journey of continuous improvement and practice.

Here are three pointers to get you on your way to cooking up some nice podcast scripts.

1. Treat Your Podcast Script Like a Conversation

I’ve yet to meet a single person who formally writes exactly how they speak in a natural conversation.

Remember, you’re not writing a white paper! You’re prepping for a discussion — one that should feel natural.

Opt for simplicity over complexity. Some of your listeners may be subject matter experts in your field, but most won’t be able to follow a script that’s stuffed with five-dollar words.

Your brand’s messaging will only get lost in translation if you use overly sophisticated vocabulary. 

Communicate your ideas clearly and concisely, and use language that resonates with a broad audience.

2. Give Yourself Some Breathing Room

Most friendly chats don’t have an agenda that’s set in stone. 

They can branch off in all kinds of interesting directions, often on the fly.

Well, there’s a real possibility that could happen during your recording, too!

Impromptu discussion can make your podcast feel more relatable and authentic.

If a conversation leads to an interesting tangent, don’t be afraid to explore it if you think it will add value to your show.

To account for these diversions, use bullet points or a loose outline instead of a verbatim podcast script.

For example, I often have a section in my scripts labeled “possible follow-ups” that includes a few tangents that may result from calling an audible mid-conversation.

These notes prepare me to guide the guest in a certain direction as we deepen the discussion.

3. Provide Clear Context Early

Think of the opening of your podcast episode as above-the-fold content.

“Above the fold” is an old-timey newspaper analogy that’s been co-opted by digital marketing

Today, it refers to the very first content — the hook, if you will — that shows up for a webpage’s visitors before they even scroll the mouse.

The opening of your podcast script needs to be above the fold.

Give your listeners a clear and concise reason why they should stay tuned in within the first two minutes of your show.

Speaking of context … if you do go the minimalist route with your copy, like writing a short outline, make sure you know what you’re talking about.

Read your podcast copy back after you’ve finished writing it to ensure it will make sense after you hit record.

Craft Podcast Scripts That Will Engage People

A great podcast script doesn’t just read well. 

It empowers the user to speak well.

A well-planned script allows podcast hosts to guide a conversation in a smooth, steady flow while leaving it open to a touch of improvisation.

It’s an essential tool for new hosts … and like an old security blanket for veterans who have gotten comfortable with spontaneity.

If you have more questions about how to learn to script your B2B podcast effectively, we’d love to help you

Reach out today!


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