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Become a Better B2B Podcast Guest with These Expert Tips

If you’re reading this, you may have dipped your toes into the water and done a bit of podcasting already. 

There are a lot of discussions out there around the benefits of guesting on other people’s podcasts, and we can tell you that it’s an endeavor that is well worth it. 

For starters, it can help you to expand your reach and influence organically. Furthermore, it lets you tap into other people’s networks by building trust and credibility. 

One word of caution: Be prepared to play the long game. Guesting on other people’s podcasts isn’t something that will produce instant results.

So how do you get on more podcasts? How do you craft your podcast guest pitch? How can you promote yourself and your expertise?

Here are some tips for guesting on B2B podcasts:

Be Clear About Your Goals and Objectives

Remember that while the goal here is to expand your reach and influence, you should refrain from being too self-promotional. 

For example, wanting to get on someone’s podcast so that you can promote your book is an approach that most hosts will reject. 

Think about your areas of expertise and what you want to be known for. Also, think about the show’s audience. What kinds of problems or challenges do they have? How can your expertise and experience be of value to them?

Do Your Homework

Find podcasts that are relevant to your industry or niche. Learn more about the host on LinkedIn or by listening to some of the episodes on their show. 

Take note of specific sections in the interview that resonated with you. Not only will this help you to get a “feel” for the show, but it will also help you understand how the host asks questions and facilitates the conversation. 

Consider how your expertise can grab the host’s attention and add value to their audience.

Create a Profile Page or E-Press Kit

Creating a speaker profile page online or including a section on your website should be fairly easy to do. 

Remember to provide links to your social media profiles, highlight your relevant experiences, and other podcast appearances (the last one is very important, as this will prove to hosts that this isn’t your first podcast interview).

Craft a Compelling Podcast Guest Pitch

There’s a big difference between crafting a well-thought-out and compelling pitch and pitch slapping. 

The latter only has one intention - reach as many people as possible and try to sell them on how good you are. 

Conduct outreach with intention. Start by creating an attention-grabbing headline and make it relevant to the host. 

Personalize each email to the podcast host and show them that you’ve listened to their show. As a bonus, mention which episode resonated with you and why. 

Then, include a list of potential topics you can discuss on their show and emphasize how their audience can benefit from these topics and your expertise. Don’t forget to mention how you plan to share the episode with your audience and followers once it goes live.

Conduct Your Outreach and Follow-Up Thoughtfully

We cannot emphasize this enough - reach out and follow up with intention. 

Don’t send mass emails or get tempted to throw hosts into an automated email sequence. The only thing you’ll achieve by doing that is getting your email address blocked for spamming people. 

Use a personalized approach that builds relationships and trust with hosts. Conduct a follow-up a week or a few days after you’ve sent the first email off. 

Hosts are busy, so most won’t mind being sent a polite reminder. Also, be open to feedback from hosts, whether they invite you to be a guest on their show or not.

Practice Makes Perfect in Becoming a Desirable B2B Podcast Guest 

When done the right way, being a guest on podcasts relevant to your industry can help you expand your reach and influence as an authority in your space. 

As highlighted by our recommendations in this article, there are several steps to take and factors to consider as you start putting yourself out there as a potential guest.

Remember to be clear about your objectives, conduct some research, create a speaker profile page, craft a compelling pitch, and conduct your outreach and follow-up with intention.

If you have any questions or are looking for a partner to help you set sail, drop us a line!


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