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B2B Podcasting: 10 Things You Should Know

B2B podcasting is a strategic asset for businesses that want to enhance engagement and reach for their brand.

That’s because consumers crave content, and podcasts are crushing it in the audio space.

If you're considering starting a podcast for your business, here are ten tips to help you make a successful entry.

1. Appoint a Dedicated Point of Contact

Almost every successful B2B podcast has one thing in common — a dedicated liaison who coordinates with the podcast production team.

This person doesn’t have to be in your C-suite. Find someone on your team who’s a great communicator and can get answers quickly.  

This streamlined correspondence ensures that every episode aligns perfectly with your business goals without burdening your senior staff.

2. Understand the Podcast Lifecycle

Did you know that only about 40% of podcasts make it past episode seven? 

Approach B2B podcasting with a long-term perspective, understanding that, like any new venture, it requires persistence and evolution. So if you have partners helping you finance your show, ensure they share the same mindset! 

3. Train for a Marathon, Not a Sprint

The true ROI for B2B podcasting doesn't prove its worth overnight. Most B2B podcasts start bearing fruit around episodes 25 through 50.

I always tell new clients to prepare for a nine-month roadmap at the minimum because B2B podcasting isn’t transactional. 

It’s about building relationships and brand loyalty over time, necessitating a commitment to long-term engagement.

4. Focus on Relationship Building

Treat your interactions with guests as opportunities to build relationships rather than direct sales pitches. You wouldn't immediately ask your party guests to bust out their checkbooks at a charity event, and the same etiquette applies here.  

The content you create together should leave a lasting impression, paving the way for future engagements.

5. Highlight What Makes You Unique

Even in a crowded market, your podcast can stand out by leveraging high production values and hosting influential figures in your industry. Focus on becoming the B2B podcasting authority in your brand’s niche. 

Aim to create content that resonates deeply with your target audience, making your podcast a go-to resource in your field.

6. Choose the Right Host

Your host can make or break your podcast. The CEO or founder of your business may not be an automatic fit as your show’s emcee. For instance, someone in your marketing department who understands relational sales could be just the voice you need. 

Select someone within your team who is engaging, knowledgeable, and capable of driving meaningful conversations.

7. Get Comfortable With Imperfection

Authenticity trumps perfection in podcasting. 

Listeners appreciate real conversations, complete with human nuances. So don’t get overly concerned with getting every “um” and “ah” out of your audio track.  

Allow your podcast to have a human touch. Your listeners will find you and your guests more relatable.

8. Take Podcast Analytics With a Grain of Salt 

Podcast analytics can provide valuable insights that can help shape your strategy, but they’re not perfect. The biggest hurdle in gauging your B2B podcast’s performance by the numbers is that it will likely be scattered across multiple listening platforms. 

Therefore, we recommend focusing on social engagement and listener feedback to guide your content.

9. Be Ready for Audience Fluctuations

Initial spikes in listenership are common, followed by a natural stabilization.

You can probably rely on your base network for your first few downloads. However, many of them likely aren’t your target customers. 

After the initial high tide of your LinkedIn crew subsides, building your audience really starts. 

Focus on growing a dedicated listener base who finds true value in your content.

10. Maintain Consistency

Consistency is key in podcasting. Establish a regular posting schedule and stick to it. If you don’t have the time or resources to invest in a weekly show, then commit to twice a month. 

This reliability will help build audience trust and keep listeners coming back for more.

B2B Podcasting Will Supercharge Your Network 

B2B podcasting offers a unique platform to project your company's voice and authority in your industry. With a seasoned production team at your side, it’s simpler than ever to leverage one of the hottest new trends in business to work for your company. 

Ready to take your rightful place in the podcast space? 

Contact us for a free strategy session on how to launch and sustain a successful B2B podcast.


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